Timber Frame Houses – Building One

Using a timber frame for houses is the new trend nowadays thanks to the use of advanced technology. Timber frame houses were built in the olden days but have now gaining popularity fast. Most frames are still built using conventional methods, although there is a little modern technology used to build these frames. They are built in large warehouses by skilled craftsmen with using conventional means. รับสร้างบ้านโคราช   However, the jointing is no longer lap jointing but is replaced with tenon joints. There are no brackets used and the entire structure is designed in such a way where it bears its entire weight.

The wood used on these timber frame houses are usually thick and durable woods like oak and cedar. The trees are cut as per the required specifications and are dried in a kiln to enhance the strength of the structure. These, when dried, have an extremely elegant look and make your entire frame house look classy.

There are numerous online sites that offer various designs for timber frame houses so you can go online and pick from an immense number of designs. Good manufacturers will have designs and layouts on the site which you can customize to suit your taste. They have designs for homes, chapels and various other structures to target a vast market. This makes it easier for customers to select a design since they no longer have to go to the office and look at the layouts there.

Not only are timber frame houses elegant and durable, but they are also environmentally friendly. Building them is no problem since there are a number of experts out there who are experienced and will make any kind of house layout plan a reality. Many firms not only offer designs, but also undertake the construction of the house. They make sure that every detail is covered in the layout as per your requirements and ensure the stability and elegance of the structure. They have a detailed quality check to ensure the safety of your house.


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